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Business Proposal. Calling Cards Business

Are You interested in e-commerce and dream of your own Internet-shop?

Are You involved in the promotion of sites for worldwide search engines or do You want to get such an experience?

Calling Cards Business offers You an interesting opportunity to try the role of an Internet-shop owner and earn real money.

Using already designed templates You create your own IP-telephony calling cards site, promote it on the Internet, attract customers and receive commission from each their purchase!

The benefits of being Calling Cards Business:

1. Attractive commissions:

Affiliates receive a guaranteed 11% commission from each purchase within the first three months.
Further levels of commission depend on sale’s volume and are from 9% to 14%.
There are no time restrictions for Calling Cards Business commissions — You receive commission from all purchases on your site.

2. High Conversion Rate of visitors into buyers

Conversion Rate of visitors into buyers is from 20 to 25%. Such a high ratio is due to the purchase process occurs completely online (customers get the cards instantly by e-mail).

3. Reliable payment system

Electronic payment system PayPal are used.
If the amount of money on your "Savings Account" is $200 or more, we can send You a bank check.

4. High potential

You initially receive a third level domain name, but You may register and use your own domain name as well.
You have full control over your site’s management: it is possible to modify the design, change the contents of the pages and create new pages.
There are also many possible promotion strategies: it is possible to use the site as a separate shop or as a trading platform for an already existing site.

5. High quality templates

We have designed a variety of ready-made templates to fulfill our affiliates’ needs.
You can choose the design of your Internet-shop to fit your style.

Join "Calling Cards Business"!


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